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Create MetaMask Wallet
Posted by Administrator on 28 August 2018 09:13 am

You MUST use Metamask Chrome browser extension.


Part 1: Installing Metamask


Step 1: You can install Metamask here:


Step 2: Click “Add to Chrome” to Install MetaMask as Google Chrome extension.


Step 3: Click “Add Extension” to confirm and MetaMask will be added

You can see that MetaMask is added by the little fox logo that shows up on the top right corner


Part 2: Creating a wallet


Step 1: Click on the Metamask logo.


Step 2: Read and agree to the MetaMask terms and Conditions


Step 3: Click “Create a new vault”, or “Create new wallet”. This depends on your browser.



Step 5: Metamask will now show you your seed. It is very important that you copy and store those 12 worlds, without them you cannot restore your wallet.



Your account is now created!


Part 3: Create your GIT address where you have stored GoDigit Coin.


Step 1: After logging into MetaMask, click TOKENS tab and click ADD TOKEN button.




Step 2: Enter the following values:

GIT Token Contract Address: 0x1d0582fa759e4b9beab4f6f82cc539ac62c49250 (DO NOT SEND ETH TO THIS ADDRESS)

Token symbol: GIT

Decimals: 18



Step 3: Your GIT balance will shown.



Step 4: Please click at three dot and Copy Address to clipboard.



Step 5: Login into your account and click link at Wallet Menu -> GIT Token and paste your address.